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    Hej alle,

    Dags tur for SOS:

    DOC Christian Fenger
    NUR Winnie Eriksen

    Logistic information
    Aircraft type: Hawker 800XP2
    Number of patients: 1
    Stretchers/seats: 1 Stretcher
    Repatriation wanted on date: 19/6.2022
    Suggested routing (ICAO): LEAL – ESSA

    Patient information
    Patient surname Crosson
    Patient first name(s) Randy Craig
    Date of birth 14 Oct 1963
    Nationality Sweden
    Passport number 97748093
    Exp. date (DD.MM.YYYY) 02.03.2025
    Height 180
    Weight 86
    Diagnose (ICD 10) I62 Other nontraumatic intracranial haemorrhage
    Arrival deadline (if any) –
    Transport prescribed Stretcher / Air ambulance
    Step 2a: Sitting patient; non-ICU, not accepted for airline transport

    Patient location
    Patient location Hospital Quirón Torrevieja, Partida de la Loma, Torrevieja, Spain
    Department phone number –
    Ward / department –
    Treating doctor –

    Transport details
    Pickup at destination: Hospital
    Ground ambulance to the airport: Please arrange
    Delivery home destination: Hospital
    Ground ambulance from the airport: Will be organized by SOS International
    Receiving Hospital: TBA Most likely Uppsala

    Name of relative (if any): Elsa Monika Crosson
    Passport no.: AA1007723
    Exp. date (DD.MM.YYYY): 17.05.2027
    Luggage: 2 X suitcase , 2 X handluggage

    Medical information
    Short medical history:
    4.6. Non-traumatic intracranial hemorrhage right basal ganglia with penetration to ventricles and to subarachonidal space. Acute drainage of ventricles done and pt awake since 5.6. or 6.6. No apparent pareses and pt has subsequently been mobilised to chair a few times. Postictus has been dominated by fluctuating confusion/delirium and headache and also reaction to morphine and sedatives. Infection parameters have been elevated but no positive cultures, pt is getting antibiotics. Vitals are all normal except for tendency to high blood pressure. Pt had re-drainage placed 16.6. since there was suspicion of increased intracranial pressure. Now has an open drainage from the brain ventricles to an external bag. Pt is very sleepy but has no localised neurological deficits. PT is being started on tube-feeding.

    Breathing /ventilator settings:
    room air

    no inotropes

    Vital signs:

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