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    New trip 23JUL

    Departure 23JUL 0920LT
    3 patients
    DOC: Susanne Ilkjaer
    NUR: Tina Koerting

    Med info:
    Medical information:
    This 57 year old patient was admitted on 12.7.22 due to confusion and general malaise. A CT scan revealed a large frontal lobe tumor, possible glioblastoma. The tumor was surgically removed on the 18.7.22 and the postoperative condition is good. The patient has a right sided leg palsy secondary to the tumor resection. A postoperative CT scan of the brain does not reveal any air inside the cranium. The patient is now fit to fly on a stretcher with doctor escort for seizure prophylaxis.

    Medical information:
    20 yr old man with debut of diabetes with ketoacidosis. Treated in HOSP. in Nice. Discharged 21/7. Well and eating and drinking. FTF with escort doctor with experience in diabetes. Can ambulate.

    Medical information:
    Critical ischemia in right femoral artery. Surgically treated. To be repatriated to DK for further mobilisation and FU.


    Schedule 23 july – trip MEIWM

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