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    SOS Referencenumber: AFY-000834-001

    Please revert with a quote on:

    Number of patients: 3
    Patient 1 – IFP 441203-004 – GCLP-ESSP (Stretcher)
    Patient 2 – LF 420708-005 – GCLP-ESSP (Stretcher)
    Patient 3 – SPA 041052-001 – GCLP-ENBO (Ambulanceflight)

    Routing (ICAO): GCLP-ESSP-ENBO

    Patient place of stay:
    1) Patient IFP-441203-004
    Hospital San Roque Maspalomas, Calle Del Mar De Siberia 1, 35100
    Maspalomas (we do not have room number) +34928063600

    2) Patient LF-420708-005
    Hospiten Roca, Buganvilla 1, 35290 San Augstin (room # 314)
    phone number +34928769004

    3) Hospital San Roque Maspalomas, Calle del Mar de Siberia 1,
    35100 Maspalomas, (we do not have room number), +34928063600

    Receiving hospital:
    1) Patient # 1 – TBA
    2) Patinet # 2 – TBA
    3) Patient # 3 – TBA

    Pick up and delivery destination:
    1) Patient # 1 – airport to airport
    2) Patient # 2 – airport to airport
    3) Patient # 3 – hospital to hospital

    Date of transportation: 9th or 10th of February 2020

    1) Patient # 1
    Admitted for stroke 6.1.20, thrombectomy same day, dysarthria and
    paralysis in left arm nearly disappeared. Discharged 11.1.20.
    Re-admitted for anorexia, diarrhea, dehydration and weakness
    20.1.20, Known with
    hypertension, diabetes type 2 and dyslipidemia
    For looking after a reason for pt’s anorexia a gastroscopy was
    performed, the diagnosis was hiatal hernia and gastritis,

    possibly caused by medication. During admissiom pt also was
    treated for a urinay tract infection. Current
    condtion: alert, cooperative, GCS 15, BP 117/55 mm Hg, HR 77/ min,
    no fever, SAT O2 99%
    Step: 1B Stretcher patient – accepted for airline with escort
    Medical team 2 nurses.

    2) Patient # 2
    77 year old woman admitted to hos due severe hip pain after fall.
    X-ray shows left stable pelvis fracture (ramus ischio-pubis).
    The pt has a left hip protesis, but it has not been affected by
    the fall. Cardivascular stable BP 173/65 HR 83 RR 14 Sat O2
    98% Hb 12.8 Treated with painkillers (tramadol,
    metochlopramid, and morphin p.n.) The pt is not able to put weight
    on the left leg due to pain and she cannot sit longer periods

    Step: 1B Stretcher patient – accepted for airline with escort
    Medical team: Doctor

    3) Patient # 3
    Chronic obstructive lung disease, emphysema, tobacco and alcohol
    abuse. Admitted for exacerbation of COLD.
    Vitals: pCO2 53.6 mmHg, pO2 52 mmHg, sat 87% room air, on 3 L
    O2/min saturation increases to 93%. Hemoglobin 17.9 g/dl, BP
    96/73, echocardopgraphy good heart function.
    Air transport: AFY sitting pt, is co-transportable but intubation
    should be possible in case of deterioration.
    Ambulance to and from A/P to local hospital, medical ward. Oxygen
    needed on ground 3 L/min.

    Step:3 ICU-pat. with monitoring, relatively stable
    Medical team: Doctor

    SOS will arrange the ambulances according to schedules.


    Turen modtaget. Søren og Lars ankommer til BLL ca kl 12





    Info fra SOS:
    1) IFP 441203-004 Berit Ingegerd Axlund skal indlægges på:
    Danderyd i Stockholm via Akutten
    Vi har talt med dr. Halström som har sagt OK til
    indlæggelsen +46851771966

    2) LF 420708-005 Gun Margareta Fransson skal indlægges på:
    Länssjukhuset Ryhov via akutten.
    Vi har talt med Primærjour Chr. Tingstrøm som har sagt ok
    tlf +46102410000

    3) SPA 041052-001 Ingrid Mathilde Knudsen skal indlægges på
    Bodø Sykehus, via akutten.
    Vi har talt med medicinsk bagvagt Verchik +4775534000

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