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Medical information
Short medical history:
Admitted 2nd of August with diarrhea and dehydration that subsequently developed to septic shock with renal failure. Has improved on supportive and antibiotic therapy. Now hemodynamically stable, without vasopressor drugs for the last 7 days. Renal function improved with creatinine 2mg/l and good diuresis. Extubated 17/8. Sat 99% with 2L of oxygen.

Breathing /ventilator settings:
PS 15/5, FiO2 0,3


Vital signs:
Blood pressure: 130.0 / 70.0 mmHg
Pulse: 75.0 beats/min
Respiratory rate: 16.0 breaths/min
Oxygen saturation: 98.0 %
Temperature: 37.0 Co