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We have another patient onboard (Accepted by Doctor) and her husband.
Med info below:

Patient information
Number of patients 1
Patient location Brodarevo Serbia / exact location TBC / she is not admitted at a hospital
Pick-up location Airport to Airport
Date of transportation 01AUG22
Diagnosis C25 Malignant neoplasm of pancreas
Step 1B

Patient has got pancreas cancer.
The end of June, the patient had strong pain in the legs. US legs showed inflammation of the superficial veins og the lower legs. Patient has got treatment for that with anticoagulation im. Shortly after, the symptoms increased to R leg and towards abdomen. US at that point showed deep venous thrombosis and started im anticoagulation x2 daily, Clexane.
Yesterday, US and CT abdomen showed possible pancreas cancer with metastases in liver and bones.

Patient is known with DM and hypertension. DM II has been diagnosed on 12th April in Sweden. Started Metformin. That has changed to Porxiga. Patient has lost weight in that period. Patient has not had any abdominal problems prior to travel to Serbia. Patient has had CT abdomen in November 2021 in Sweden due to pain in the abdomen. CT was normal. The patient is in poor general condition, walks slowly with help of one person, cannot sit for longer periods.