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DEP 26JUN, 09.00LT

DOC: Christian Fenger-Eriksen
NUR: TAnne-Marie Hemme

1 pat + 1 family member

Medical info in attached file and also below as received now:

F Sjövall AFY-advisor. Pt has sustained app. 35% burn injury from electrocution. Mainly on tunk and lower extremities. Pt is intubated and ventilated with low support and FiO2 of app. 35-40% and is circulatory stable.

I fully agree with KTL MCV that pt needs to be transported to Sweden for further management as soon as possible before complications starts to occur. Pt will be in hospital for 1-2 months more. Pt is from Varberg in Sweden so then I assume she should be transported to the burns unit at Linköping university hospital. The other option is the burns unit at Uppsala university hospital.